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RT @CaptainKurtis: The is doing the same by keeping it in Schedule I of Minnesota's Controlled Substances Act.…


RT @CaptainKurtis: The suits at put this First Nations teen in a cage w/ violent criminals bc he had flowers in his possession. When…


RT @richneumeister: Minnesota law enforcement likes to deploy surveillance technology before going to or courts to see if it may vio…


RT @Stowydad: At 1am, they play the bagpipes. This place is weird.


@Stowydad I think these numbers are how many thousands of dollars the is paying on debts that they have.


RT @John_Rouleau: My favorite part of session is when members pretend there are tons of people who aren't lobbyists/activists watchi…


RT @IlhanMN: I might be new at this but it can't be in the interest of Minnesotans to have half asleep legislators debating bills. h…


RT @CaptainKurtis: The is a joke.


Go to sleep .


sleep deprivation technique blatantly being used @ rn. this technique, one tht makes most of our legislators less sharp, is reckless.


The is a joke.


RT @bbierschbach: @CaptainKurtis @TonyYarusso has always been complicated, yes, but if lawmakers say they're being transparent, I th…


RT @TonyYarusso: @bbierschbach Of course, NEVER meets that def. Best is “moderately followable by professional journalists and the…


@kellyfentonmn The time is right for the to end it's unjust prohibition on cannabis. Will you author a bill?


Why doesn't remove cannabis from Schedule I and then direct MN AG to petition the US DOJ to do the same?


"Hello, your PHP bill URLs are extremely long & ugly."

I just submitted this comment abt the website here:


@epmurphymn Do you support reforming our medical cannabis law this session by authoring the bill passed the senate? It needs fixing!


The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy hates Kratom. They want the to put it in Schedule I.


RT @MarenJoyce: Hey ... Why are we putting people in prison for a plant?!


@Fivehrenergy @MaryFranson Has anyone at written bill to remove cannabis from MN's Controlled Substances Act or at least Schedule I?


@Fivehrenergy @MaryFranson Cannabis is improperly classified as Schedule I in MN & Federally, but & MDH do nothing to remedy it.


@Fivehrenergy @MaryFranson Isn't decision to legalize intrastate medical cannabis sales proof that it is accepted as medicine in US?


Meanwhile, people in Colorado have spent $1 Billion on legal cannabis. It is time for change, .


I might throw a party if he loses! Prohibitionists aren't welcome.