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The Galaxy S3 is an epic phone for free software hackers. Mainline Linux, Mainline Das U-Boot, Mainline Kernel, only one small binary blob that chainloads a free software bootloader which can then be deleted. Pretty awesome!


RT @schestowitz: 3.9-rc1 is now out. A -based -centric tool for and you do…


RT @bioxcession: when people install Spotify on Linux


RT @tehnoetic: Wait no more: , the most modern x86_64 laptop with and https://


.@parazyd's Heads GNU/Linux distro is a 100% FOSS version of @Tails_Live w/o but...


Apparently there is another Linux user group in town that I didn't know about!

Linux on Saturday

This is for the Linux newbie and those trying
to come over from Microsoft to a different
operating system.

Meetings: First Saturday of the Month @ 9 AM-Noon
Note: No Meetings June - August


To their credit, @tails_live sounds amicable to using kernel Not a priority tho.


.@whispersystems's Signal is not

@tails_live uses the vanilla version of Linux, which contains nonfree firmware blobs


RT @wcmckeedotcom: GNU Libreboot, version 20160818 released