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RT @bigfack: ASUS C201 booting @libreboot


RT @t_grote: Mission @libreboot accomplished! Now let's see if I can put everything back together the way it belongs...…


RT @tehnoetic: Wait no more: , the most modern x86_64 laptop with and https://


@phoronix did you see @tehnoetic just released a Libreboot T400s? It is the newest libreboot thinkpad on the market!


@sneakdotberlin They have cheap replicant and libreboot compatible devices tho. Can't find em cheaper elsewhere.


@qrs have u heard of ? It is coreboot w/o any proprietary blobs. Great work on Heads, btw!


Hack Libreboot.

Hack Tails, start by making a fully FOSS version of the OS.

Hack Onion Services.




@iNPUTmice @elioqoshi aw, you don't use libreboot then?


RT @bcran0: Wow, interesting information about Intel's Management Engine, which is in all PCH chipsets since 2009:…


RT @MarcusMoeller: 20160818 has been released (and how to update it):


RT @wcmckeedotcom: GNU Libreboot, version 20160818 released