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Just filed a bug asking to research whether or not to add OMEMO support

OMEMO is an XMPP Extension Protocol (XEP) for secure multi-client end-to-end
encryption: ​ It offers Forward Secrecy and
deniability while allowing you to keep the benefits of message synchronization
and offline delivery.

OMEMO is an xmpp wrapper for the Apache 2.0 licenced OLM ratchet
implementation: ​

OMEMO is now a released XMPP standard:

Both OMEMO and OLM have been audited by third parties:
​​ ​​

Some of the content at this link is outdated, but a lot of documentation was
written a few months ago about OMEMO here: ​​

OMEMO is being ported to as well

Usability for the only desktop client that supports OMEMO currently, Gajim, is
not perfect. ​​